A group of respected companies in the aquaculture sector have come together to develop Aquaculture Works!, a consortium of companies that have multi-disciplinary and complementary expertise in aquaculture development.   Each of the member companies has more than 20 years’ experience in the sector.

Focusing on the individual needs of each client, Aquaculture Works! provides a comprehensive range of professional services and products to enhance the productivity and profitability of aquaculture operations. Our unique blend of experience and expertise are fundamental to the development of practical, effective solutions.

Our expertise is broad – our members are focused

Practical Solutions to Address Your Needs!


  • We work with our clients to meet their targeted objectives
  •  We develop comprehensive plans, from production modelling (bio-planning) and financial analysis (feasibility studies, business plans) to process design (technical drawings, specifications) and development (tendering, construction input, commissioning, operational management).


  • Our state-of-the-art recirculating (RAS) and aquaponic systems are efficient, effective and elegantly simple to operate.
  • Each system is custom designed to address the specific needs of our clients.
  • Our team can supply and install systems and provide hands-on training.


  • We offer a full range of water treatment equipment and supplies to meet your requirements.
  • Our off-shore team provides design and construction for cage culture and mooring systems.
  • Our team can supply and install equipment and provide hands-on training.


  • Our comprehensive aquatic veterinary consultations range from improving the health of animals and bio-security planning to facilitating diagnostics and treatment.
  • We offer training services to enable clients to conduct on-site fish health analyses.


  • We develop practical solutions to enhance business performance and minimize risk.
  • We provide monitoring and assessment services for site selection, regulatory approvals and market certification requirements.
  • We are accredited members of:
    Association of Management Consultants;
    Project Management Institute.


  • The expertise of our multi-disciplinary consortium is unique and brings more than 140 years of hands on, practical, experience to work for you.